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Policies and Strategic Decisions made

A main role of the Governing Body is to guide the school strategically.  This can only be undertaken with sufficient knowledge about the school and, more generally, about education.


The governors at Leigh Primary School are focussed on school improvement.  We are sure that everyone involved in the school wishes to see the very best outcomes for our children.  The governors’ role is to approve and monitor this improvement process and, like every other school in the country, strive for a better tomorrow.


An important aspect of strategic decision making is knowledge.  The governing body encourages all governors to attend relevant training that is provided by the local authority.  This includes a comprehensive induction training programme.  There are also additional meetings each term within school when experts are asked to provide additional information for the full governing body. 


One way of influencing the outcomes of the school is to approve policies, review them regularly and monitor how they are implemented.  A list of the policies relevant to parent/guardians and children can be found here.  Other policies covering such aspects as finance and other technical matters are also approved by the governing body.