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The Governing Body’s Responsibilities

The School Governors have certain legal duties, powers and responsibilities, but they can only act together as a body: they cannot act individually in any capacity unless the full governing body has previously authorised them to do so.


The full Governing Body meets once every term, but there are many other meetings taking place throughout the year. Some governors are delegated to specific areas of the School Improvement Plan and others are asked to serve on a committee.  We have three committees, which meet each term.  They are;

  • Finance and Personnel                
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Premises Health and Safety


These committees have set areas of responsibilities that have been agreed by the full governing body.  They meet to monitor the performance of the school in each of area.  Most policies are discussed in detail by one of the committees prior to their approval by the full Governing Body. These could be financial, admissions, staffing, curriculum, discipline, standards of behaviour, etc.  Committees also discuss proposed future development of the school and the targets that should apply.


The committees ensure that the legal responsibilities of the governing body is correctly undertaken, this is particularly the case for the legal financial duties.